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> How can I start using Qooshi™?

It is simple. Register online by clicking here and follow the instructions. You can also have the registration process explained by clicking here.

> Is there a manual or instruction book that explains how to register and use Qooshi™?

Yes! Download our simple set-up guide in PDF format by clicking here. You can also view the document online by clicking here.

> How much does it cost? Pricing?

It’s free to register and use Qooshi™ for free appointments. You will have instant access to all Qooshi™ online appointment booking features once you have registered. We do not restrict or limit the functionality and there is no need of any free trials. List as many services and staff as you want and accept as many appointments as you can, or more! However, even though Qooshi is totally free to use, there is a small transaction fee from PayPal for appointments where payments are required. You can find out about PayPal fees by visiting www.paypal.com

>Can I use Qooshi™ to get more customers?

Yes! Qooshi™ features useful online marketing tools that help you communicate with customers and promote your business. You can use Qooshi™ to tweet your business to your contacts or share them with your friends on Facebook™ or Google+1™. You can also use Qooshi™ to create and send email campaigns.

>Can I use Qooshi™ in any country? What if the currency in my country is not listed in the system?

You can use Qooshi™ in any country with full booking and marketing functionality. However, the payment features currently support Euro/USD and GBP through PayPal™. We are working hard to add additional currencies to the list and will keep you informed.

>Will it cost more if I have several employees and offer a range of services?

No! Qooshi™ is free. You can add as many employees and offer as many services as you would like.

>I already have a booking system. Why should I use Qooshi™?

Qooshi™ is simple to use, free and web based. You can easily combine the advantages Qooshi™ offers (accept online appointments, accept payments, marketing tools and CRM) with your current booking software.

>I do not have a website. Can I still use Qooshi™?

Yes! Qooshi™ provides you with a simple Internet address that you can use as a business website if you do not have one already. You can also connect your website to social networks such as Facebook™ and Twitter™.

>I already have a website. How can I add Qooshi™ functionality to my website?

Yes! It is simple. There are two options to do this:

1- Fully integrate your calendar as a widget (a frame) within your current website and take the bookings there directly, or
2- Place our handy “Book now” buttons on your website. They will take your customers directly to your online calendar.

>I don’t have any servers or IT infrastructure. Can I use Qooshi™?

Yes! Qooshi™ is fully hosted by us. You don’t need IT infrastructure. The only thing needed is a simple computer (or smart phone such as iPhone, iPad or Andriod phone) with Internet access. You can access Qooshi™ from anywhere at any time.

>I have several staff. Will they be able to see everything in the system?

No! You decide what they can see. Qooshi™ features a tiered access level functionality that allows the account holder (normally the business owner) to decide who gets to see what. The account holder can at any time change, add or take away access rights for staff in the system at any time.

>How secure is Qooshi™?

Qooshi™ uses the highest level of encryption and SSL technology. All data on the system is encrypted, secure and backed-up. For payment processing, Qooshi™ uses PayPal™, which is one of the most secure online payment methods online.

>Will I be able to reject, reschedule or cancel appointments?

Yes! With Qooshi™ you are in charge. You can reject, reschedule or cancel an appointment at any time. The system will also automatically handle any refunds if that would be required.

>What do I do if I could not find the answer to my question on this page?

Please follow the instructions on our support page here.


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