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Qooshi’s Online Appointment Scheduling Software is free for Therapy and Beauty Salons

accept appointments online

> Spa, Massage & Therapy

Qooshi’s Free Appointment Software for beauty spas is easy to start using (with no set up fees) and allows you to take bookings from clients online over the web for beauty, therapy or massage wellness services.
Beauty Spa and Wellness establishments can offer their customers a user friendly way to book appointments and let them share their experiences with their friends online by using Qooshi.
With our free appointment management software you will attract new customers, accept more appointments, reduce no-shows and save on employee time. Qooshi has been designed to be quickly set up and used by beauty salon owners and managers and allows different levels of use to manage staff access when required.

With Qooshi helping you schedule customer appointments you’ll be able to take more orders at any time! Your customers will be able to directly book into your massage and beauty spa online when it’s most convenient, providing them with great customer service.

Qooshi also includes built in reminders to reduce your client “no shows” – customers who book online with you will get an automatic reminder ensuring your business earns more (no more excuses saying they forgot about their appointment with you).

> Start Using Qooshi’s Free Beauty Salon Appointment Software Today!

With Qooshi’s appopintment booking system available online you can log in and check appointments for beauty therapy or massage from anywhere you can gain internet access.

> Free Features for Massage & Therapy establishments include:

Unlimited Online Appointments
Unlimited Staff & Services
Unlimited Customer Support
Unique Scheduling Webpage
Automatic Appointment Reminders
Customizable Schedules
Collect & Publish Customer Reviews
Comprehensive Customer Database
Separate Staff Logins
Works with Facebook & Google+1



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Who is Qooshi?



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