Natural Choices Botanica

About us:
NCB provides women and men with up to date education and information concerning total health and well-being. Our specialties include women's health, detoxification,cleansing strategies,education & much more.
You can cancel or reschedule up to 72 hours before your appointment.

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We offer the following services:
Fresh Pressed Juice Service
$25.00 60min

Drinking only freshly pressed vegetable-based juices for a day or even a week at a time can give your body much needed rest and time to heal itself of chronic health problems. Price includes (1) 64oz container. Price includes a delivery fee of $10.00

Meal Planning
$45.00 3h

Allow me to sit down with you to help restructure your meals so that they reflect a healthier lifestyle. Menu Development for 7-10 days; Shopping List; Follow up (30 min);

Nutritional Health Consultation
$75.00 60min

Embrace the power of food to maintain a healthy weight, increase your energy and live a vibrant life. Discover natural means to heal your body and regain your innate healing powers. BBC (Body By Carla) clients are $35.

Group Shop Grocery Store Tours
$25.00 60min

In with the new! You & I will venture out to the supermarket, where I will help you navigate the aisles to find some healthier food choices.

Cooking Classes In Your Home
$75.00 90min

This service is for the avid & the not so hot cook. Together we will prepare some tasty foods that your entire family will enjoy. Foods made fast, simple, easy and of course healthy. Per family of (4), does not include the cost of food.

Pantry Party Makeover
$75.00 90min

Out with the old! Allow me to show up in your kitchen with a trash bag to help you create a kitchen & pantry that allows you to succeed nutritionally.

Nutrition Parties
$300.00 120min

Do you want to learn a little about making healthy food choices while enjoying some healthy foods & wine? Book a nutrition party for your group, club or girlfriends. *Includes the cost of food & wine for 6 guest.

Hair Analysis
$125.00 60min

This allows clients to see what is really happening inside the body, that can effect weight loss or other health issues samples are tested by a independent approved lab.

Nutritional Deficiency Testing
$85.00 60min

This is an in house urine and salvia test that examines for the following: nutrient deficiencies, disease and energy levels - measures the effectiveness of your current diet and supplements. Pinpoints the herbs, foods and supplements you may need.

Kinesiology Testing
$65.00 60min

Kinesiology or muscle testing helps identify blockages and balance a person. It is not used to diagnose, treat or work with named diseases. Kinesiology enhances the body's innate healing ability by helping to identify things that benefit and hinder ones h

Flower Essence Consulting
$120.00 60min

Our consultation consists of selecting flower essences that will best support a person's process by bringing greater clarity and harmonizes the core issue or underlying cause, of a client's discomfort.