About us:
Zurkhaneh - Persian Yoga & Martial Arts Conditioning.

Experience the total fitness system used to forge elite warriors and world class martial artists. Used by young and old for life-long fitness and well-being.

Ancient Wisdom. Modern Warriors.
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We offer the following services:
Level 1 - Nowche
$50.00 60min

1. Basic principals of the Zurkhaneh training methodology; 2. Introductory postures and positions with the Shena; and, 3. Fundamentals of Meel practice

Sang (Shields)
$250.00 3h

Sang (shields) instructor training and certification.

Level 2 - Peeshkesvat
$150.00 2h, 30min

In this intermediary course and training program the student progresses to learn the execution of variations with the Meel and is introduced to transitions in using the Shena. The student is also introduced to using the Sang.

Level 3 - Pahlavan
$350.00 5h

This is our advanced course and teaches the student mastery of using the Shena, Meel and Sang as well as advanced variations and transitions in the practice with these tools.

Level 4 - Miyandaar
$750.00 7h

Attainment of this level constitutes mature understanding of core principals of Zurkhaneh sports and a demonstrated ability to teach others in the art of Zurkhaneh. The format is seminar based and requires the student to pass an oral and physical exams.